Based at Ningbo, China, Ningbo United Tools Co., Ltd has earned a name in the gas welding & cutting industry over the past 20 years. It was originally founded by the owners of four workshops two decades ago, by the time when the company was established, the main market is domestic. In time, the company came up with the brand name UWELD. As we started to have well equipped workshop facilities, and go to international welding shows, our quality and up-to-date products were quickly accepted by customers from foreign countries, therefore the international trading business grew rapidly.
UWELD includes oxy-fuel cutting and welding equipment such as oxy-acetylene and oxy-fuel welding and cutting equipment, cutting torches, cutting tips, welding nozzles, heating torches, gas regulators, cutting and welding outfits.

■ Gas Cutting series ■ HVAC series ■ Hearing/Roofing/Gardening series ■ Welding Series ■ Safety series ■ Medical series.

We are Wal-mart certificated factory (SMETA,SCS,FCCA)
As we are the manufacturer, and don't rely on outsourcing, we control the process from beginning to end. Raw materials are carefully sourced and inspected, assembly more testing procedures, such as pressure, flame, leak or performance testing; assure that products meet stringent UWELD standards. Innovation, research and better designs were the building blocks of our early years and we still hold true to that philosophy today.
Thank you for your support and we look forward to being your long-term supplier for welding cutting equipment. We will continue our efforts to offer you great products and support.

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